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This website is designed specially to support you with your hearing difficulties! Enjoy this AUGUST 2015 edition.
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Important Links

 Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA)  HLAA
 Kentucky Commission on the Deaf and Hard of Hearing  KCDHH
 Nelson County CodeRED Community Notification  CodeRED
Other Useful Links Other Useful Links

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TWELVE Reasons Why Self-Help Groups Are Good For You...

* Provide a community of people with hearing loss who understand and are empathic to your unique problems.
Help you deal with the issues of hearing loss stigma.
* Will help you understand your legal rights as a person with a hearing loss.
* Will teach you coping and communication strategies.
* Will help you adjust and communicate your needs in a “hearing” workplace.
* Will share technologies beyond your hearing aids that will enhance your ability to function in the world.
Will educate you on technologies and strategies for ensuring your safety.
* Will show you how to stay tuned into family conversations.
* Will suggest strategies for communicating in noisy situations.
Will show you how to accommodate your hearing loss while traveling.
* Will empower you through exchange of knowledge, encouragement and the sharing of experiences.
Will alleviate the despair and isolation of hearing loss through their support.

So What's In It For Me?

* Opportunity to participate in hearing loss issues.
* Information such as Hearing Loss Magazine
* Support.
* Discounts on many items.
* Participation in activities involving hearing loss.
* Local effort is designed to bring educational programs which will enhance your communication skills.