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Welcome To The Webinar Section...

HLAA conducts two types of webinars:
Educational webinars which are presented by top-notch professionals. 
Product/Service Showcase
webinars which are presented by companies who wish to present a product or service to people with hearing loss for the purpose of introducing a new product or service and gathering feedback from participants. Products/Service Showcase webinars are in no way to be construed as an endorsement by HLAA.

Please CLICK on the following link to view past recordings of seminars and also notifications of future ones:
HLAA Webinars 

NOTE: To view a past webinar recording, click on the provided 'Webinar Link' and select the CC (for Closed Captions) option within the viewer window. You can also download notes for each webinar by selecting 'Download PPT Presentation (PDF)'.